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Registration Requirements

By Paul, 11/09/19, 4:45PM CST


What student athletes can join a team?

Any Minnesota student is eligible to participate if he/she:is in grades 7 through 12, AND possesses a league approved firearm safety certificate, AND meets all school curricular activity eligibility requirements, AND if the team has room to accommodate the student athlete.


All student athletes are required to complete and submit a state-approved hunter education certificate.  

Student athletes cannot shoot at an event on a team at any time without a League-approved firearm safety certificate


League-approved firearm safety certificate:

  1. State-approved hunter education certification. Most states require that hunters complete a certified hunter education course. The hunter education certificate is proof that students have successfully completed a state’s official and approved hunting safety course. A student is allowed to use a different state’s hunter education certificate than their residing state. A team coach will verify the certificate’s authenticity. Check your state’s department of natural resources website for complete hunter education certification information.